Who We Are


Chris Gill

Chris is a retired Lucas County Sheriff's Detective with years of Investigation experience and training. Chris was a National Speaker on Criminal Street Gangs and Security Threat Groups before becoming a Private Investigator. Resourceful and trained with extensive knowledge of Courtroom Procedures. Engaging Instructor and expert witness. Also an expert in the field of Criminal Street Gang investigation, Security Threat Groups and Occult Investigation. Provides personal security for Executives, Professional Athletes and Celebrities. Also trained in Skip Tracing, Missing persons, Sexual Assault Cases, Child Custody, Divorce, Cheating Spouses and Cold Case Investigations. Chris gives 100% to the client and makes every effort possible to solve the case. As a Detective, Chris was the lead Investigator in a few of The Lucas County Sheriff's Office most high profile cases, which resulted in convictions and lengthy prison sentences for the suspect(s). 


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Chris has been part of Security when former Presidents and other high profile Dignitaries have visited Toledo, Ohio.  

CGI tirelessly gathered the background information requested and was able to present it timely and in a way that was easily understandable. I would highly recommend CGI Investigations to anyone.